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Ramai di Force


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Our story

Terra Vita (Earth Life) is a Social Association that wants to promote its territory. It manages the Coppersmiths Museum, the Betulla Cultural Pole and Force Craft lab. This association was found in Force in February 2018 by eight young women with the aim to support and involve the locals in new projects. The association supplies different services and deeply wants to have back that sense of belonging to our territory, also by helping in looking for employment in the area.   

The Association provides leisure time activities for children, teenagers and adults by offering courses and workshops. The focus of these activities is to create new interests and passions, to stimulate curiosity, to promote the community sense and to share some quality time with new people.

Here below Terra Vita’s activities:


Terra Vita - Young

The association offers leisure time services for children and teenagers thanks to a youth centre, where they can join educational activities like: didactic support (homework) and after school activities (workshops).


Terra Vita – Master

Courses and activities for adults and elderly people. The main goal is to offer the opportunity to have new interests, new passions, to stimulate curiosity and to rebuild a collective dimension, where people spend and share time together. 

Terra Vita – Lab

Our purpose is to start courses and workshops in order to reintroduce craftsmanship by giving special attention to the recovery and promotion of our tradition and of the ancient trades of the territory like copper and leather processing. The idea is also to create job opportunities in these sectors.  

Events will also be planned to promote the territory artistic and hand-crafted culture.


Terra Vita – Babel

We promote cultural activities for tourists and locals, by offering English courses for Italians and also Italian language and culture courses for foreigners. 

We believe that thanks to this project, it will be possible to promote and increase intercultural exchanges possibilities.



Fo.R.T.E. project

Fo.R.T.E project, financed by Comitato Sisma Centro Italia, wants to boost social and cultural activities in the Marche region after the earthquake. Our mission is to offer new opportunities to avoid the depopulation of the area; not only by creating local jobs, but also by giving the population the chance to meet up and learn more about sustainability; to defend the artistic cultural and landscape heritage of our beautiful land and to give the possibility to attend courses, training activities and workshops (our goal is to reintroduce craftsmanship to promote our tradition and the ancient trades of the territory like copper and leather processing). 

Our dream is to let tourists discover our villages and our craft traditions through workshops, tours and guided visits. 


Thanks to Comitato Sisma Centro Italia’s donation, we created a co-working space called ForceCraft. We would like to support our territory by offering new services and cultural and leisure activities. 

It is very important to start from our customs and traditions to reliance our villages: agriculture, wine and food, craftsmanship and natural beauty. 

The Fo.R.T.E. project purpose is to offer, not only activities and services for the locals, but also to create bonds with other European realities: we would like to welcome Italian and European students to show them and let them discover more about our reality and hidden beauty and to promote tourism by offering unique experiences such as guide visit tours and workshops. 


Another goal is to offer leisure activates for children and teenagers in the Betulla cultural pole, located in Palazzo Canestrari. This recreational space aims to support socialization through leisure and educational activities. Families have the possibility to let their children spend their afternoons in the Betulla Centre, not only to play, but also to dedicate some of their time to social and cultural topics. We want our young generation to be responsible and aware of its potential.

Comitato Sisma Centro Italia has founded Alta Valle del Tronto Coordination Table, of which Terra Vita is a part. Thanks to this collaboration we have had the possibility to meet the other local actors, that they believe to create a future in our territory is possible. And they are Monte Vector, Associazione Villa Cagnano, Arquata Potest, Pescara del Tronto 24/08/2016.





Manager of Terra Vita 




Manager of ForceCraft


Rossana Cherri 

Manager of Betulla Cultural Pole


Eleonora Tanucci 

Manager of Ramai di Force Museum 

chiara sito buona-ottanio.jpg

Chiara Sciamanna 

Tourism manager


Annalisa Paolantoni 

Education consultant


Beatrice Bassetti 

Graphic designer




ForceCraft artisan



Palazzo Canestrari, Corso Beata Maria Assunta Pallotta 25, 63086, Force (AP)

Email: info.terravitaforce@gmail.com

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